About my book

There are a lot of famous dogs in books and movies.  But we would not know anything about them if our best friends, our people families, hadn't taken time to write about us.

My mom, Britta, is part of a family that LOVES all animals.  They even rescue chickens from chicken farms they don't want anymore just for being too small. And chickens aren't as smart as dogs, but they still love them.  When they grow up they lay eggs and we have eggs from them in the fridge in the shop. And the eggs are BIG even though the chickens were small when we got them.

Beth, Britta's sister, went to school to become a professional photographer.  When she takes our pictures it makes us feel very special knowing that she's such a good photographer and wants to take OUR pictures.

Caitrin, Britta's other sister, takes care of the greenhouse and plants around the farm and she is always watching out for all of the animals.  She's our Guardian Angel and we dogs know how important it is to guard our people and animal friends and it is nice to now that she guards over us. I'm sure she has pretty wings!

Britta wrote my book and Beth took all the pictures but Caitrin watched over it all and they made my book together.  They should be famous and they are to me and all the animals.  Even to the cats, who still don't understand that I just want to play with them.

Do you think that Caitrin would talk to the cats for me?

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